' Bell of Life, continued '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


"Solidarnosc, Solidarnosc"
" Free our friends,
free political prisoners !! "
- cheered the crowd
of political opponents,
students, workers
and other protesters
They marched
through Cracow's streets
in protest against
imprisonment of a number
of political activists
How dangerous was it
was evident
due to the fact
snipers were positioned
on the roofs of houses
Which year was it?
Yes, 1980, the year
Solidarity Movement
was at its peak
in the communist Poland
People marched
determined to free
their imprisoned colleagues
Suddenly a shot was fired
and a young woman
has fallen down
on the stony pavement
of the street
Her white blouse
turned red fast
and before anyone
could do anything
she was already dead
She, the angel
struck dead
But ... has anyone ever seen
an angel struck dead ??
No, this was not possible
not even by the gravest evil
on Earth !!
Then came more shots
and the crowd was dispersed
Only the lifeless woman
in her twenties
was lying motionless
on the street
in an ever larger and larger
puddle of blood
The diamond Bell of Life
began to ring and ring
yet again
as so many times before
Shiny diamond cristals
beamed and beamed
more brightly
than the Sun's rays themselves
and it was
a spectacular symphony
to the woman
in the puddle of blood
yet the heroine
for all times
This symphony play
haunting to the core
of the nation's soul
must have reached
the heavens
because one day
The Wrath of God
the communist cancer
from all the nation
Poland became free
as much as its citizen
and for all times to come

Oh, thanks dear Bell of Life
you the diamond wonder
of all wonders
there ever were
Ring for us, dear Bell of life
shine for us
bring us liberty
we all desire
It was Poland then
and now it's Egypt and Ukraine
tomorrow Iran
and one day
all nations
in the glory of liberty
the one
you, dear Bell of Life
ring for the most
a symphonic spectacle
one after the other one
as the world is wide
beaming to the sky
through the sky
and back
with your diamond play
larger than life
Oh, ring for us
tinkle and jingle
express your anger when needed
fight back also when needed
show your triumphant smile
when your victory
is swept through
the places which need you
You're our Bell of Life
most dear to us all
Ring, ring, ring for us
till the eternity !!

What was most unusual
there were people who swore
they saw a diamond ring
on the finger
of the woman
when she was buried
shining brilliantly
and resembling so much
the Bell of Life
The secret was
it was an immortal gift
to this heroine of freedom
the beautiful woman
who gave her life
to defeat
the evil


' Bell of Life, continued ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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