' Lost love '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


You're passing me so often
without looking back at me
I'm nothing but air for you
invisible though next to you
a veil moving
at the brisk gust of wind
some sound perhaps
but distant
as if on the other side
of the globe
down under !!
I am an empty glass for you
one can see everything through
insignificant human breath
a film faded away
forgotten book
and especially the story
which was written in that book
no longer relevant

Twisted is this life
twilight alike
as if with no sunrise ever
no sunset
no moonlighting
clouded with coming rain
shrouded in pain
for we were once lovers
till the end of the world
nothing at all now
just strangers
strangers bigger than life
It looks
our love is lost
no chance to revive it
I am a forgotten lover
thrown away
into oblivion
dusted one
never to be
looked again at

And so I am some ghost
knocking on a door
and thus nothing
to bother about
and if you though see me
standing in the street
alongside yellow cabs
and shiny cabriolets
you don't even know
who I am
Some stranger
in a big town
one of thousands
upon thousands
of passerby's
Oh, I am nothing
but air for you
a drop of water
from a pomp
a paper handkerchief
thrown into a rubbish bin
lifeless leaf
flying in the air
before falling
under the wheels
of uncountable cars
in the city traffic
grinded to a powder
disintegrated then
with only a strange flavor
hanging still in the air

I am nothing
of what it used to be
when you called me
a man of your life
your lucky star
most shiny of all
your elixir
nobody ever tried
and could ever try
your heartbeat
your soul even
your other self
and other half
although so different
your thoughts
your dreams
which came true
your emotions
your life itself
never to end
your only love
greater than life
all dimensions of life
your love
now only
a lost love

' Lost love ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.

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