The Face of God


Oh, Dante Alighieri and William Shakespeare,
Lord Byron, Norwid, Goethe and Pushkin,
throw light on me filled with poetry
and let me write something that touches God.
Poets, do you hear me?
Are you listening to me?
Oh, yeah! Nothing can stop me
in my search of liberty!
The one which is like
swimming in the sea of diamonds,
flying in the eyes of the sun.

I search on Internet everything I want.
The templates in Google,
the images in Picasa
and, God! So much more!
I want freedom and peace,
and to be happy.
I want the theater of the world
playing not only for me. For us!
The many adventures, the love of people,
but also the tragedies, inhumanity,
and arrogance being shown.
So we can all act and do
what needs to be done.
I see Abel and Cain, Romeo and Juliet,
Osama bin Laden, Bush, Putin and Blair.
So many fools, and so much drama!
Forgive them, Lord,
for they don't know what they do!

Then I use programs: Dreamweaver,
IrfanView, JavaScript and Fireworks,
and creams of other magical webtools ...
I take a cup of coffee
and feel that the finale is coming.
I turn yet on the radio
and listen to Chopin's ballads,
the elixirs of the mind.
The emotions transform me into eagle,
the king of heaven, for whom
the so-called blue blood does not exist.
The eagle which adopts orphans
and which asks
the so-called royal families
why they don't do the same. Why?!

Oh, Elizabeth II,
the Queen of the British Commonwealth,
oh, Prince Charles
and Princess Camilla of Cornwall,
Prince William and Prince Harry,
the lucky birdies,
Oh, Queen Beatrix,
Prince Willem-Alexander and Maxima,
oh, Albert II and Queen Paola,
the monarchs of Belgium,
oh, Prince Philippe and Mathilde,
Princess Astrid and Prince Laurent.
Oh, Prince Albert of Monaco,
Caroline and Stephanie,
and many other so-called princes!
Can you see all those orphans?
Can you extend your hands to them?
Do you see their eyes,
the eyes which are mirror of God?

There is the Universe,
a maze of dimensions.
What a beautiful infinity!
What a perfection!
Oh, what a perfection!
Here is our planet Earth,
a pearl of the Universe
as seen from the outside,
a perpetual fountain ...
But a burning house,
as seen from inside,
a burning one
like a Pandora's Box!
Filled with global warming
and rising oceans,
autocratic leaders, wars,
poverty, racism, bigotry,
intolerance ...
Oh, Earth, where are you going to?!
Oh, Earth, Earth! ... Where are you going to?!

I feel myself a starman,
a stranger and a magician
ready to fight for this world,
for the sunshine
of newborn liberty,
spreading from the Eye of God
to every corner of this world
and back to the God's Eye.
The ballads of Chopin go on and on.
For eternity!
Lost in my thoughts
I open FTP and upload my data.
And then as if in Big Bang
I see … the Face of God.

The Face of God!


Written in 2007, originally in Dutch.

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