' Mirror Into The Soul '
by Ryan Christiano

The girl gazes upon the lake
Contemplating her fate
The hour grows late
As light surrenders to night
Twilight awaits

Feel the warm summer breeze
Blowing through the trees
The girl feels free
Destiny awaits her
Dreams beckon her
Season of solace
Forever meant to be

Sunshine hair
Skin delicate and fare
The lake holds her dear
Dispelling fears
Casting away tears
As she dwells upon the rock
That holds the key
To unlocking her heart

The shadows fall upon her face
Fine as delicate lace
Night falls with gentle grace
Upon the luminous lake

Moon splashed surface
Reflects her higher purpose
Star swept skies
Mirror her eyes
Whispered prayers
Echo the Blackbirds cries

The morning mist swirls and sways
To a serenade
As she plays her violin
In the melody
Of her ancient kin

As the girl dons a dress
Of moonlight white
Attacus takes flight
Bastion of beauty
Where all was right
Far from youthful plights

Surface of stained glass
Where celestial colors clash
The lake as window
To the soaring soul

-'Mirror Into The Soul'
by Ryan Christiano. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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