' Fantasy '
by Warren Goff


Fantastic scenes awake like dreams within a troubled mind
Imagining everything, leaving everyone behind
Sitting, pondering, wondering, a hero in his head
Everybody worships him, while villains wish him dead

A fair maiden hog-tied and roped to the railway tracks
A speeding locomotive approaches, like a cheetah attacks
Out of nowhere like a hawk, his bravery prevails
He tears her bonds effortlessly and carries her from the rail

A band of Jihadist terrorists plan to detonate a bomb
To destroy and extinguish the ever loving calm
He tracks them down one by one, dispenses with the threat
Presidential accolades are playing in his head.

These fantasies and imaginings define an empty life.
A hollow shell of loneliness hidden from stress and strife
Within a world of fetishes, he lives a daily dream.
Unable to believe himself, a disorder quite extreme.


' Fantasy ' by Warren Goff
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.

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