' The kissing diet '
by Charlie Giardino

I've found a lovely diet
it goes something like this
you know you won't be eating
if you're locked up in a kiss

so kiss her in the morning
in between your breakfast flakes
some kissing here or kissing there
is really all it takes

and if you get too weary
take a rest and sit alone
then just for variation
kiss her collar bone

or lift the hair behind her
and nuzzle her sweet neck
nothing is off limits
so do it, what the heck?

for lunch a nice crisp salad
that would be just fine
then get on back to business, man
run kisses down her spine

for dinner, you could have anything
so go ahead and try it
then you go to bed
to rock 'the kissing diet'

' The kissing diet ' by Charlie Giardino
Copyright © Charlie Giardino
All Rights Reserved.

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