' Without End ' by Ryan Christiano

In the swirling mists of my mind
I feel the rain fall upon me
I soak in its essence
I walk into fire
That singes my senses
Life and death
Two parts
One whole
Shattered soul

The emerald grass my casket
The ground a soundless grave
A lost life found
In the shadowy solace
Of perpetual promise
I sip from the well
Of this heavenly hell
The booming bell
Shares secrets
I will never tell
Flowers from a basket
Pour to the floor

In a dark corridor
There is a door
That holds the key
For all who see
Despite my plea
Truth eludes me
Never meant to be
Mortally wounded
In this solitary war

Even in sunlight
I dwell in night
Hope an illusion
Dreams a delusion
Fear and confusion
Spiritual seclusion

Lost in seas of strife
A drowning life
Fight with all thy might
To keep shore in sight
Through growing twilight

The mists depart
The burdened heart
Could one day start
To beat again
To honor a friend
For love
Not life
Is without end

- 'Without End' (Love Lingers in the Fading Light). An Elegy.

Ryan Christiano. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.


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