' A Lonely Gentleman '
by Tadeusz Hutyra

Liberty Supermarket
seems splashy, brilliant
like a diamond and a pearl
with shining, full of lights
fully plexi reclame box
hanging from outside
There are Ben & Jerry's
thousands of other
delicious foodstuffs
and a Coffee Corner
next to the window
facing the street
There are also colourful
passerbyes, lots of them
and a lonely gentleman
sitting at the table
who is sipping coffee
not caring for anything
neither anyone
just sipping his coffee
watching passing people
while listening to
Leonard Cohen
who is singing
his incredible ' Hallelujah '
What a window it is !
a magic one
a window to the world !
The gentleman seems
to take the central place
too original, too mysterious
to not enjoy a leading role
He seems to be seeing
the entire world
through the window
of the Coffee Corner
He, a lonely gentleman
a magician
Images fly in his mind
in and out, from and to
every corner of the world
He sees Michael Schumacher
is lying in a hospital
with injured brain
after a ski accident
' Michael, keeping
my fingers crossed for you.
You'll make it.
We want you back with us. '
A wishful thought
crossed his mind
but at the same time
he remembered
Paul Walker
' So tragic for him '
he turned his head sadly
of disapproval
And then a mosaic of images
continues further
in his mind, like a carousel
a lift piercing the skies
and so John Kerry is seen
with Israelis and Palestinians
trying to convince them
to join peace talks
Rescue is being under way
for icebound ship
in Antarctica
Somali Islamists are claiming
Mogadishu hotel bombing
Musharraf is hospitalized
before Pakistan Court hearing
on ... a treason
Yet they all
are forgetting Asia Bibi
the innocent Christian woman
kept in a prison
for the so called blasphemy
yet with no crime done
Byron Case sentenced
to twice life
yet with no crime as well
Strange is this world indeed !

Liberty Supermarket
in a Western country
A lonely gentleman
whose time is timeless
is sipping a cup of coffee
still watching
the walking passerbyes
outside the window
who are hurrying
to their places
of destination
no time even
for Espresso
or Capuccino
he stays visibly
in his own world
matter factly one
the world as it really is
from Antarctica
to Greenland
from the US Alaska
to the shores of India
So many events
there are happening
good and bad
splashy and thrilling
hair-raising ...
Converts murdered
by extremists
somewhere there
in Tunisia, Jemen
Somalia, Iraq, Syria ...
Political prisoners
executed by hanging
from the cranes in Iran
Women stoned to death
in public by Talibans
in Afghanistan
Yet the world
as seen from within
Liberty Supermarket
the world outside
in the street
seems to be stable
no violence
but loving people
in their arms
Lovers in arms
brothers in arms
A lonely gentleman
is looking at them
whether all this love
he is witnessing
could transcend
into a love
the entire world
love full of essence
with the wings
of the eagle
flying down the earth
from the very highs
of the sky
with the incredible
bodily strength
of a lion
which is announcing
to the world
he's the king
with the fastest legs ever
of Usain Bolt
the Jamaican sprinter
through Wimbledon
by Serena Williams
Wow, wonderful
can be this world
if only people wish to care
While Leonard Cohen
is singing
a touching song
' Lover, Lover, Lover '
a lonely gentleman
is preparing himself to leave
the song makes him feel bitter
a memory of the last night
when his love affair
with a woman he loved
ended for good
punches him unmercifully
to a knockout
No, he can't stand it any more
he must leave
no more pain
no more cry
no more despair
let's leave this memory
in this Coffee Corner
forget her
forget the whole love story
there are other women
waiting for you
desiring you
as you desire them
it's time to find a woman
I can stay with
for the rest of my life
Let's throw myself
in the vortex
of the city life
the city lights
' Goodbye my love, goodbye '
he yet whispered
knowing he shall find
someone else
for the rest of his life
his life must be
a never ending sunshine
forever !!
He just sipped his last dose
of Caffenation coffee
stood up and left
Liberty Supermarket
with its Coffee Corner
He joined the passerbyes
in the street
disseappeared in the crowd
and only delicious smell
still remains
of the many coffee flavours
hung yet in the air
mixed with the flavours
of today's world
in the intense
thoughts' clouds
left timeless
by the lonely gentleman
as if to the infinity
Englishman in New York ?
French gentleman in Paris ?
Italian one in Roma ?
American somewhere else ?
Does it matter ?!
Echoes of Cohen's song
continues on:
' Lover, lover, lover ... '

Well, but the world
goes round ...

' A Lonely Gentleman ' by Tadeusz Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights reserved

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