' Circle of Life ' by Thaddeus Hutyra

While you're young
in the Spring of your Life
the world is yours
and you're longing to it
with open arms
Your life is a dynamic dance
to the tunes
of diverse music
sex addiction
love affairs
making endless friends
maddening adventures
from London's Soho
to the New York's
exhilarating Manhattan

While you're middle aged
in the Summer of your Life
your world diminishes
to ' -n ' square meters box
The whole days
sometimes even nights
working hard
trying to earn money
to support your family
You're a prisoner
of the reality
you have bounded yourself with
No time for anything
only staying in your box
working, working hard
Sleepless nights in addition
one doesn't know what yet
Everything seems to be
like a cardboard house
which can fall down
at any time

You're getting old
in the Autumn of your Life
' Forget the world. ' - You think
You need to care for yourself
this time
The best you can do
is to defend yourself
from the plaque of ilnesses
which are trying
to take over you
and push you sooner
than you have ever expected
into the darkness of grave
You have money
but no strength
no will any more
no wish to fulfill
your youth's dreams
to travel the world round
and discover it's wonders
You're a dead fish
the living dead

Hey, let's drop it all
in a box, or better even
in a rag bag
and tie it good
Then mix it and mix again
before it can be reopened
Don't be afraid
it isn't Pandorra Box
You shall be surprised
sure of it !
Abracadabra ...
And what do you see ?!
A complete new world
which is your own world
spreads before your eyes
like a virgin
before the first sexual act
You know now
you better enjoy your life
your whole lifetime
You better keep your hunger
for the wonders
of this world
throughout your entire life
Don't let yourself down
keep your everlasting spirits
till your last breath
and you shall sure know then
you did it !
You shall see it clearly
like through a magic wand
your life went
through a full circle
the circle of life, indeed

' Circle of Life ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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