' Star of Love '
/ Condensed version /
by Thaddeus Hutyra

You're my everlasting light
shimmering through
so many stars
on the heavenly sky
You're my guidepost
throughout our love
and towards the shining stars
on the outskirts of the Universe
my starship flying me
to the parallel worlds
You're certainly my only love
like the Statue of Liberty
greater than life of all times
You're my emotion
full of a poetic heartbeat
and you're mine wisdom
equalling that
of the greatest minds
there ever were in this world
My heart beats loudly
every time I see you
every time we touch each other
every time we make love
We're one, united
in our travel throughout
our pounding bodies
and even our souls
glistening like all the stars
put in one basket at once
brighter than life
overlapping not only our bodies
but also the whole universe
You're my beloved ode
to our love, the starry love

My darling, you're my
everlasting love
at the dawn and sunrise
in full sunshine
throughout a day
at mysterious dusk
under the shimmering stars
painted on the firmament
of the sky
You're my love, love, love ...
My mind is on fire
No fire brigades
can put it out
for it's a fire of love
turning itself
into a star
a star full of fire
The star of fire, indeed
which is burning deep
in my mind and my body
and as much in your mind
and your body
in our thirsty souls
and finally high there
on the shimmering nightly sky
full of shining stars
the stars of love
Our own star of love
the star on the sky
the star of love, indeed
seems to shine
the brightest way
Love never dies, my dear
just look at our star
the star of love

' Star of Love '/ condensed version /
by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.

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