Crimson Red Lips
by Tammy Katherine Harrison

Consumed by thoughts of you

our love was like fire 
and slowly turned to ice
Reminders of you are endless
it seems there is no escaping
the haunting memories 
Imprisoned is my mind
remembering your touch, your smell 
the way I felt in your arms 
I'm mirrored by your shadow
your silhouette follows me 
at times mimicking me 
Steaming hot coals 
burn my hand 
as I reach out to touch you 
Overwhelmed, I'm falling deeper
into an ocean of disbelief
I'm drowning 
trying to escape this despair 
Never did I think 
I would lose my sanity 
when you left me 
alone in the cold
fear consumes me 
Rendering me still
time creeps by ever so slow 
turning my heart to stone 
with each passing day 
Everyday feels like an eternity... 
minutes seem like hours 
and hours like days 
and days like years 
Dreams of you haunt me
you left an imprint on my soul 
I'm left sleepless... images of you I see 
Reaching out for you 
but all I grasp is air... 
I awake screaming out 
imprisoned by your memory 
Like a disease 
coursing through my veins 
I was poisoned by your love
I die inside a little more each day 
Seasons come and seasons go
remembering the last time 
I kissed you with crimson red lips 
as snow lightly falls on cedars

Crimson Red Lips by Tammy Katherine Harrison
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.

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