Hearts Desire
by Tammy Katherine Harrison

As I gaze upon your silhouette 

in the evening twilight 
My eyes cast upon you
is my souls pure delight
A soft breeze sweetly blowing
with the autumn air
As I move closer to you 
I see your inner beauty 
it's far beyond compare
Are hearts beating to the rhythm
of the love that we share 
I never dreamed of us like this
never in a thousand years
So with this said
let these treasured memories
and sweet dreams come to me
The way you laugh
the way you smile
makes my heart
skip a beat and leap a mile
Your tender touch and gentle ways
makes me long for you so very much
With lips so soft and eyes so bright
I needed you on this lonely night
I see everything in you I ever wanted
your my everything, I'm lost in you
Let me feel you, kiss your sweet lips
your heaven sent and I fold in your arms
Close me in your warm embrace
and make my heart race
pull me ever closer near
tell me what I need to hear
fulfill my every desire
until my passion roars like fire
On this lonely night

Hearts Desire by Tammy Katherine Harrison
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All Rights Reserved.

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