' Twilight Dreams '
by Tammy Katherine Harrison

You gave me courage

to spread my wings
and take flight
but ever 
since you said goodbye
they have withered 
and I no longer fly
the stars have fallen
from the sky
my world is black
A cold wind blows
all around me 
chills I feel to the bone
I'm standing here 
sobbing in a sea of nothingness
in a world where
only darkness abounds
alone with my fear
living a nightmare
Not even bothering
to dry my eyes
it's pointless
as an ever flowing
stream of tears will follow
my life now hallow
It's hard to swallow
I cry out for you 
but it seems 
your oblivious to my calls
So behind my walls
I hide, roaming lonely halls
but it seems 
I'm chasing a ghost
I have endured 
enough pain 
to last a lifetime
I'm sinking slowly
and fading fast
I barely feel alive
so I close my eyes and poof...
I'm in my fantasy world
as my reality 
I can no longer sustain
In my dreams I'm free 
falling back in time 
to when you cared
I shared my darkest secrets
with you and bore my soul
and still you loved me
to my surprise 
I'd finally found the love of my life
but now I've met my demise
as magically as you appeared
you disappeared
Now I find myself
at a crossroads 
facing the silvery moon 
with one question
on my mind 
"Do you still love me? "
or with the rising sun 
shall I let you go
and accept that we are done.

Twilight Dreams by Tammy Katherine Harrison
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.

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