' In the Middle of the Night ' by Thaddeus Hutyra

Middle of the night
taken away
to the concentration camps
by the SS units
of the Nazi Germany
Jewish people, Romas
numerous other victims
of the Holocaust of all times
the Apocalypse of all times
indeed !
All the oceans on this planet
are sum of all the tears
of men, women and children
bestially murdered then
Thanks, soldiers of Stalingrad
soldiers battling across Poland
the allied soldiers who took part
in the D-day Normandy landings
codenamed Operation Neptune
all the soldiers of that Armageddon
who lost their lives
in order to end 
the II-nd World War
You, the heroes forever !

Middle of the night
kidnaped from their very homes
women raped
men shot in the back of their heads
being paraded on the streets
to spread fear and terror
A crime done
by the Islamic radicals
in the Middle East
who demand
absolute surrender
to their ideological order
their Shariah
misconstrued by them
for their tyrannical ends

Middle of the night
by the Republican Guards
of the IRI regime
brought to the Evin prison
left to decay, in agony
Dead men walking, indeed
Executed then
to the cheers
of the brainwashed crowd
with not one a tear
but a tear
of one outsider
the tear
which is soaking the ground
with blood
of the regime's henchmen

Middle in the night
bombs dropped on their homes
containing sarin gas
Thousands civilians
dead at instance
in that bitter
Syrian conflict
The heavens are filled
with new angels
looking with dismay
at the Apocalypse Now
Yet the world
seems to be a sleeping giant
unaware of the evil
which is
sawing ultimate destruction

Middle in the night
ruthless agents
of the Korean regime
are knocking on your doors
and taking you
and your whole family
to the concentration camp
for life
where the only chance 
to survive
is to eat rats you can catch
if they are still there
to be found
But how many of you
are having cast iron stomach ?
How many of you are able
to survive 
where there is the devil's rule ?

Middle of the night
this and that regime's forces
are breaking in
into your house
and make your life
a perpetual misery
till the death
is your redemption
The rain fills the air
with a call
to unite and stand up
against the forces of evil
the forces
which deny us
our liberty
beloved one, holly
the one which no longer
can be a back burner
reminding our politicians
the leaders of the Free World
to put human rights
on agenda when dealing 
with the vicious, tyrannical regimes
Sing, sing angels
the freedom's anthem
Play, play symphony
throughout the whole world

' In the Middle of the Night ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.

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